Message From Chairman

A school is second home of the children. Scientists say that a child's knowledge doubles every eight years. In this ever going formative phase, every youth should opt for very comprehensive education in preparation for the life in the 21st century after college. A well educated child will be a nation's greatest assets. Parents want to see their children educated at the highest standard possible. Quality is the key to success. Thus it is natural for parents to invest significant portion of their income in their children's education. Striving for quality education is the need of the hour of the present day competitive world. Hence, Bagmati College was established to quench the thirst of “real quality education” at the private level at affordable fees.

Excellence in education is reflected by the feeling of past and present; parents and students of Bagmati College and the outstanding pass percentage (99.2% for science and 99.4% for management) in the board exams of HSEB. Frequent board positions (board 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th) bagged by the students speak itself of the richness of our academic endeavor.

Located in the heart of the city in a serene and spacious area, Bagmati College boasts of its quality of faculty. Our faculty is committed to relate the values and understanding of student's faith to the academic field they represent. More than 90% of teaching staff with teaching experience of more than two decades at various universities both inside the country and abroad has added real glory to the ever growing image of the college. Constructive criticism of the parents and students are always welcome. We are always in the process of increasing more facilities every year. Bagmati College is an ideal place for students striving for competitive academic career. Please visit us and find worth of your choice.

Thank you,
Surendra Sitaula