About Us

College Background:
Bagmati College was founded in 1996 in association with a group of experienced university professors and lecturers. It lays special emphasis on the real core of teachings and on cultivating an interest in a realistic appreciation of norms and values of life.The college, right from its inception, is trying its best to impart ever-widening knowledge to the students through its multifarious activities. It is located in the heart of the city (Sukedhara, New Colony) in a serene environment.

It has a large spacious area of 20 ropanis of land and separate sports complex of an international standard. It is well equipped with all the necessary requisites for +2 level programme of the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) & BBS (TU) of Nepal.Though it is situated in the heart of the city, it has an adequate parking space and modest gardens along with spacious green lawns inside the college premises. The serene, quiet and cosy atmosphere of the college provides a desirable academic environment.

Bagmati College has a separate hostel complex run by professional and experienced teachers of the college. The hostel provides special tutorial classes in the difficult subjects for the needy students.

The mission of Bagmati College is unique in its perspective. Irrespective of numerous hurdles of the college had to overcome. It has come along to yieldcompetent results for  the  last  eighteenth  consecutive  years.  It is all because both the teachers and the students  are  committed  to  accepting  big  challenges and having faith in their works altogether.  In  pursuit  of  excellence,  the  college  holds  the  dynamism  that  endures  the students to seize the secret of success to achieve their goals and become worthy citizens who are the assets to the nation.

It always  encourages  the  students  humane  learning   thereby   emphasizing   positive   thinking, tolerance, deeper understanding and    not    just    mere    accumulation    of    knowledge. Thus Bagmati stands firmly as a  platform  not  only  for  academic  pursuit  of  students  but  also  they,  as  responsible  citizens,   contributing   something   to   the   nation in dire straits in the year ahead.Bagmati envisions not just to be acclaimed institution but an institution where the most can get the most out of it. With the pace of time Bagmati, as usual proves to be a place where the excellence always prevails.