Message from Principal

Dear students and guardians,
I am privileged to welcome you all to Bagmati College a centre of your dream of life.
Founded in 1996 AD, Bagmati College is committed to imparting the qualitative education to help unleash the full potential in every student through combination of a host of academic, extracurricular and cocurricular activities. We believe in nurturing self-discipline, learning and self-dependency in the students so that they can overcome the challenges when they enter the real life.
It is not difficult to assume that parents/guardians and students have a very hard time in choosing the right college. With highly experienced faculties, sophisticated infrastructures, caring and encouraging administration, at Bagmati, we provide the right and conducive environment for students for learning and developing the intellect, wisdom and innovation. With focus on self-discipline, we cultivate learning culture not only for college days but for life.
Besides, we give equal focus to extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the holistic development of the students. These activities help to unleash the hidden talent in the students so that they can make their talent profession when they grow up.
Since Bagmati College provides an encouraging ambiance to the students to pursue their studies, we believe any student will have no problem in acclimatizing to the environment here and lay the foundation for future growth and development.
I look forward to welcoming you to Bagmati College for your exciting academic voyage.
Thank you
Naran Sitaula