Courses Offfered

+2 Programme affiliated to HSEB, Nepal

(Science, Management & Humanities)
The  +2  level  classes  in  Science,  Management  &   Humanities   streams   affiliated   to   the   Higher   Secondary  Education  Board  (HSEB)  have  been  a   real   successful   venture   of   Bagmati   College.   The  college  has  been  successful  in  producing  19th  batches  of  +2  graduates  in  the  Science  &  Management streams.

In all these years, the average pass  percentage  in  the  final  board  examinations  of  the  Science  and  Management  stream  is  99.2%  and  99.4%  respectively.  General  pass  percentage  of the students and over distinction marks secured by  the  students  of  this  college  every  year  in  the  final  examination  of  the  HSEB,  speaks  itself  of  the  academic excellence of the college.